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  • Hams: Molded or non molded, specific shape, slicing logs, rounds logs

  • Cooked meat: Roast beef, natural shaped and non-formed products

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Armor Inox is the leader for continuous automated cooking and chilling solutions for ham, meat and ready meals.

The ThermixTM system delivers a continuous product flow while having the flexibility of a batch system at a throughput of 2 to 12 000 kg/h with the lowest manufacturing costs in the market.

The ThermixTM system is an integrated cook and chill process that is fully automated from the MultimoldsTM molding and product loading (delis or logs, shaped or non shaped) to demolding and storage before shipment or slicing.

With the fully automated Thermix, ham manufacturers can produce from 20 to 200 T per day with only 2 operators.

ThermixTM system combines high capacity and flexible production, optimal production performance and high productivity, lowest production costs with energy savings, full process traceability for maximum food safety operations.



Best control and process repeatability for better cooking yields with lowest production costs

ThermixTM is a patented modular immersion cooking and chilling process with continuous circulation of water and recycling of hot and cold fluids there by significantly reducing energy consumption.

Because of the cooking / chilling cycle taking place in the same process tank it enables ideal temperature curve and consistency from one cycle to the other.

ThermixTM system significantly improves cooking yields thanks to optimized heat exchange with homogeneity and precise temperature regulation, guaranteeing the fastest cooking and chilling time.

For delis and shaped logs, the Multimolds technology guarantees dimension consistency and also perfect distribution of the meat throughout the length of the logs, to obtain the best slicing yields possible.

Automation of the Logi-FlexTM, loading and unloading systems are specially designed for each customer’s needs, enable on demand solution from loading the products into the MultimoldsTM to demolding products and storage before slicing or shipping.



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