Armor Inox, water cooking specialist


Armor Inox is an equipment manufacturer for the food industry, specializing in cook / chill and material handling technologies for ham and cooked meat such as pork, poultry and beef… as well as ready meals.

Since December 2011, Armor Inox is part of The Middleby Corporation, a public company based in Elgin, Illinois.

The Middleby Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment, residential appliances and systems for industrial processing, packaging and baking. With more than 40 brands between the three business segments, Middleby develops, manufactures, distributes and sells its products worldwide.



Armor Inox is based in Mauron (France (56)) with a modern manufacturing facility of 10 000 m2 equipped with the latest technologies in 3D conception and manufacturing, laser cutting and robotic welding

Through its strong connection with its customers, Armor Inox is constantly identifying new industrial trends and responds rapidly with innovation and automation, to worldwide market developments.

With the strength of Middleby’s distribution network, Armor Inox offers the technological solutions with highest industrial efficiency and renowned reliability, guaranteeing its customers the lowest production costs.

With more than 100 Thermix systems operating around the world, Armor Inox is the number one manufacturer for automated cook and chill system for cooked ham and other cook in bag products.

The Thermix™ system is a fully automatic cooking / chilling process from product shaping or loading to demolding or unloading and storage of the finished products. It ensures product quality and production flexibility at a high throughput with total safety and product traceability.The lowest production costs are achieved through better cooking and slicing yields, process and handling automation as well as water and energy savings, guaranteeing the fastest return on investment.

Customer Service with online or onsite assistance insure a continuous link with its customers.




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